Saturday, December 5, 2009


So this will be my last post from Thanksgiving weekend! Since we were out late with friends Saturday night Kyle let me sleep in. Little did I know though….HE’S CRAZY!!!

I was woke up by this picture message on my phone!!! He wasn’t kiddening when he said he wanted to run to Badger!! It is over 7 miles there…and then you gotta come back too!! So I bundled up and hopped on my bike and met up with him. I think he was around mile 11 or so by the time I got to him. It was SO cold & windy…I don’t know how he did it!! He’s a trooper that’s for sure!! I brought him all kinds of things…kleenex, chap stick, water, and ME (for encouragement)!! I cheered him on the rest of the way  home!! He did it, ran almost 15 miles – his longest!! Way to go Babe!!DSC05200 

We got home and Kyle needed warmth RIGHT away! So he cleaned up a bit and cuddled up on the couch and took a nap! I decided to get our Black Friday purchases put away. They had been piled up in the living room since Friday night when I dropped them there! A few of things were new cookware and a bunch of bulk items from Sam’s Club. And I found out my cupboards were full and didn’t really have space for these new things. So what did I do….

Emptied them ALL out and started from scratch!! I threw out expired food (canned & boxed items…I found some from 2005!), organized food by type and how often we use it, and then put everything back!! I wish I would have got a picture of my kitchen with all my empty cupboards and food everywhere…but I didn’t! So here is the after shots!!

I stored extra things in this lower cupboard…it’s pretty much like our pantry. Along with my cookware and other pots & pans!DSC05147

This is an old wall oven that we use for storage. I put drink items in here along with baggies, saran wrap, and tin foil!DSC05146

These are both upper cupboards that are quite high. I decided to use one for our vitamins and protein powder…it all fit perfect! I designated the other one as the snack cupboard putting pretzels, crackers, popcorn, bars, beef jerky, etc up there! Worked out great!!

DSC05143 DSC05145

And this is our main cupboard. It’s in the corner above our sink. So I put things in here we use most liked canned goods, baking items, peanut butter, spices, jello, pasta, etc! The only food cupboard I didn’t photograph is our cereal cupboard. It’s pretty self organizing because you really can’t mess up boxes!! I didn’t have to do some re-arranging though because I bought 2 HUGE boxes at Sam’s Club and had to get them to fit!DSC05144  

And after all that organizing I was wore out, so I decided to join Kyle on the couch for a nap as well!! We finished off our Sunday with a trip to the grocery store and then called it a night. My Thanksgiving break was defiantly fun, but went too quick! Now it’s on to Christmas!!

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  1. I see that you have a huge tub of animal crackers. Nice.


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