Friday, April 17, 2009

Abby hits puberty?!?!?

I called Kyle quick today while I was at work for a question and after we talked for a bit he was laughing and talking to Abby. I could tell it was something funny, but that she had done something wrong! So I asked what and Kyle said that I would just have to wait to come and it see!

So when I got home this is what I found….

Yep that is a tampon on the bottom right corner!DSC02281

She even found a panty liner!DSC02280

And here is where we found most of the evidence. I keep a large ziploc baggie in my gym bag and I guess Abby thought she hit the jackpot!DSC02282

And if you are familiar with our house…the previous picture was taken in our office. And I found this one in Abby’s chair in the living room…quite a ways away!DSC02284

Another one I found on another chair in the living room! Kyle and I were laughing out loud walking around find all these “female supplies”!!! LOL :)DSC02286

And last, but not least she also managed to get my laufa (sp?) out of my gym bag too and give a good chew over. DSC02285

This little dog NEVER ceases to amaze it. But boy does she bring joy to our lives! We love her…even though she tends to be a little naughty!

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