Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentines Celebration

Adelyn had a Valentine party at daycare. So Mommy had fun putting together little valentines for Adelyn’s daycare friends and teachers. For her friends I got the toddler size of apple juice boxes, put them in Valentine bags from the dollar section at Target, and finished them off with a printable tag I found on pinterest with a quote on the back that said “Valentine you’re the apple of of me eye”!IMG_1105

For Adelyn’s teachers at daycare I made pretzel buttons. I’ve made these for Christmas before, but never thought of doing them for Valentines Day. Another pinterest find! {love that site!} IMG_1107

Back to the gifts…I used old starbucks frap jars, decorated, filled with Valentine pretzel buttons, and finished with a little stamped tag! Doing these made me excited for the years when Adelyn will be old enough to help with her Valentines…and other crafts!IMG_1108

After work {and daycare} we celebrated with each other at home! Mommy helped Adelyn open her Valentine cards from friends & family and then she opened her gift from Mommy & Daddy! Of course she was more interested in the noisy tissue paper!IMG_1110


Here’s a video of Adelyn opening her gift! She was WAY more interested in the tissue paper and the gift bag!! It’s a bit long, but if you stick around till about the 2 1/2 minute mark you will see she love the “Party Rock” song and at 3 1/2 minutes she’s working on going #2!

After little miss was all tucked in for the night, Mommy & Daddy celebrated together! Daddy made Mommy spaghetti with meat sauce and surprised her with the newest Twlight movie! We spent the evening snuggled on the couch watching our favorite vampires! ha!

It was a perfect day with the 2 people I love most in the world!! I feel so blessed to have an amazing husband and a beautiful baby girl! Hope everyone had a great Valentines day!!


  1. All of those Valentine's Day treats look so cute! I made a Christmas treat with frap bottles and got the idea off Pinterest - love that site! Glad you had a wonderful V-Day with your family!

  2. SO incredibley cute!! LOVE the dance!! Made my day!

    Also, I love the part at minute 3:29, gave me a real good laugh!! lol!! Love that little girl of yours! <3


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