Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Lily!

Last week we had plans to visit my sister and BIL in Omaha over the weekend. They had just welcomed their sweet little girl on January 9th and we wanted to visit!

Well not only did we visit over the weekend, but we got a bonus day! Friday was a snow day, the college where both Kyle & I work closed due to bad weather. Well the weather was mainly around our area and north and we had to go south. So within a 1/2 hour we drove out of it and had extra time with the new family of 3!IMG_0867

It was a fairly low key weekend, but that was just ok! we spent time with my BIL’s parents and got all kinds of questions from the new parents! And of course there was plenty of snuggle time with new niece!! It was so fun to see my sister as a Mother now!IMG_0869

Our new roles we have come into have definitely brought us closer!! Who would have ever thought…we fought like cats & dogs when we were younger! Smile with tongue outLily week 2&3 083

We are already planning another Omaha trip in February. I just know how babies grow so fast and I can’t wait till they come to visit in March!Lily week 2&3 059


  1. What? No mention of our Lucky Bucket tour? For shame... :)

  2. I think it's so fun to have siblings with children of their own so close in age. Lots of cousins to grow up with!


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