Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Jackson’s

Our dear friends, Kim & Steve and their 2 boys, are moving to Kansas. Friday night we took supper over, chatted for awhile, and said our goodbyes! Crying faceWe are SO happy for them because they are going to be close to their family and this is something they’ve wanted for a long time.  IMG_0938

But at the same time we’re SO sad!! Kim is such a GREAT friend and I’m going to miss her SO much! I met her through our work 5+ years ago and we hit it off right away! We were originally brought together by all things crafty…you name it…we did it! SmileWe even had a table at a few craft shows one year! I don’t think a day went by at work without a call, email, instant message, etc between Kim & me! IMG_0932

Kim has always been an amazing support with my new mommy questions, a great listener when I had frustrations, and I could always count on her to share a laugh (or some mexican food)! I told Kyle the other day that I feel like a kid in elementary who’s best friend is moving away.IMG_0926

Our babies have brought us even closer! Kim & Steve’s youngest, Reece, and Adelyn are only a few short weeks apart and have been in the same room at daycare for the past 4 months. It was so fun to talk about how our kids were going to grow up together and be best buds! And now we will just have to drive a little further to make that happen!IMG_0910

Kim & Steve’s oldest, Garrett, is 2 1/2. It was so fun to watch him and Adelyn interact! He played so well with her. It was SO cute!!IMG_0919

W are going to miss this cute little boy. Every morning when we come into daycare Garrett is in the gym with the other kids and he always runs to greet us and give high 5’s! If Kyle isn’t with us one morning when we drop Adelyn off, Garrett’s first question is “Where Kyle go?”! Such a fun, sweet little boy!IMG_0930

I just have to keep in mind that this isn’t good bye, it’s “see you later”! We will miss you sweet friends!! Can’t wait to come to KS to visit!


  1. I just came across your blog and saw KS in the first few lines. That's where I live! I'll have to read back through some of your posts, but I do love living in KC. Sounds like it will be a good move for your friends!

  2. Hi there, your newest follower. I have a baby girl too, who is now two months! I love "meeting" other mommy bloggers and hope we can be friends. :)

  3. I just found a few minutes & a computer w/internet & checked out this post. Made me tear up...
    We miss you guys SOOO much! Glad I'm back online so we can continue to keep in touch via email. Thanks so much for dinner that last night in Dodge...we will see each other soon, I'm sure!! Love to you & your fam!!!


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