Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to the South!


My Mom & Step Dad went to Texas for 6 weeks before Christmas. In December they came home for the holiday and also another grand-baby’s arrival! Now that those events have settled down and the cold is still hanging around here in Iowa they are going to squeeze in some more time in the sunny south, but not before getting in some more time with the grandkids! Smile


Adelyn loves to watch Hayden! Hayden will slow down for the occasional hug, but for the most part he is too busy to notice Adelyn! But it’s always fun to watch them interact! Hayden will definitely miss Grandma. He is a lucky little boy and gets to see Grandma everyday when she’s home in Iowa!


We know Grandma & Grandpa will enjoy their time as snowbirds, but we will miss them for sure! One of these years we want to go visit them in Texas!!

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  1. When/If you come down here we have to get together!!!


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