Sunday, January 8, 2012

Final Christmas Post

Alright friends, you will have to bear with me! I wanted to get the last of our Christmas pictures posted, more for my record/memory than anything!

We celebrated Christmas with Kyle’s family on Christmas Eve at his parents house. We had brunch, opened gifts, played games, and finished the day with homemade pizza for supper!


After supper at Kyle’s parents we went to an evening Christmas Eve service at church, one of my favorite things!


We had our own little family Christmas on Christmas morning at home! I’m excited to start new traditions like this with Adelyn!




After our family Christmas at home we went to my Mom’s house for Christmas with her and my Step Dad. They made a nice brunch and we opened gifts.


We got Hayden a train table! He was more interested in the giant bow though! ;p


My Mom wanted to something practical for Adelyn, so we were thankful for a BIG box of diapers. But when we got it unwrapped Adelyn just started CRYING!! We all laughed…the timing was too funny! She was just tried and starting to get sick, so she wasn’t feeling well. Poor girl!


Grandma has a full lap!!


It was a wonderful Christmas season! Having a baby just makes the holiday season SO much more fun and I’m sure as she grows it will just continue!! Thanks for putting up with all my Christmas posts!!


  1. Ummmm that pictures with Adelyn crying while getting the diapers is HILARIOUS!!! Priceless!!

  2. LOVE the pic of the Bangerts.... Adelyn's smiling!!

    Too FUNNY about her crying getting the diapers - oh, that sweet girl!



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