Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome Lily!

Monday January 9th my sister Stef and her husband Geoff welcome their first baby girl, Lily Mae! Stefanie had a scheduled c section becauase little miss Lily was breach. The procedure went well and both Mom & baby are doing well. This picture just brings tears of joy to my eyes. I love the look on my sisters face when she saw her sweet baby for the first time!392076_2750269949772_1048306601_32876819_138544053_n
She weighed 9lbs, 3 oz and 22 in long. She has a sweet little round face, blonde hair, and is just perfect! Meeting Lily on Monday  was so wonderful! She is a very special little girl who many have prayed for. She is truly proof of how amazing& faithful our great God is! Such a miracle, as are all babies!!412612_2754880745039_1048306601_32878714_864687627_o
The new Mommy & Daddy are completely smitten! I couldn’t be more happy for them. I’m just thrilled that they have now experienced the overwhelming love a parent has for a child! There’s nothing like it! And then there were three!397242_2750273309856_1048306601_32876827_1628128833_n
My other two sisters, Wendi & Mindi, my Grandma and my Dad all piled in my sister's suburban and went to Omaha to greet Stef and meet Lily when she came out of recovery. IMG_0762
There’s nothing quite like sisters and I’m so blessed to have these three in my life (and of course we love our Mama too)!! I was so thankful we could all be together for the day to celebrate Lily’s arrival. Does this pictures look familiar?407409_2750275309906_1048306601_32876835_899022799_n
6 months ago when Adelyn was born…_DSC5372[5] …and 16 months ago when Hayden was born!DSC08563[1][3]

Lily is so very sweet!! I'm so excited for her and Adelyn to grow up together and be best cousins!! I had a cousin that was 9 months older than me and we were inseparable growing up. She actually lived with us for a time when her little brother had an extended hospital stay, so my Mom called us her “twins”. We still call each other "twin cousins" today! I'm excited for Adelyn & Lily to have that special relationship!397524_2750274629889_1048306601_32876832_1774171435_n
Lastly, I whipped up some cookies to celebrate Lily’s birth-day, some with her name, DOB, initials, or her monogram!IMG_0779
To my sweet niece Lily, I’m so happy you are finally here! I have prayed for you for a long time. You are a very special baby and I know God has amazing things in store for your life. I pray you grow up to be a woman of God with a kind heart! You have two amazing parents who love you very, very much and  waited for you for a very long time…be good to them (aka sleep all night!)!!! I love you sweet baby girl! Love, Aunt Darci


  1. Aww, I almost shed a tear or two. What a great miracle of God! You guys, and baby Lily, are all truly blessed! So happy for your family friend!

    PS I SO thought those were Larita's cookies! Wow, great job hun!! You are such an amazing auntie, sister, mommy, wifey, and last but not least, friend!! :):)

  2. Congratulations to all! I'm so happy Lily has arrived! What a blessing!


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