Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finger Foods

Adelyn has really turned into a good eater these days so I decided to try more finger foods. She does so well with Puffs & yogurt melts, so I thought why not try fruits or veggies as finger foods too. I cooked up some broccoli last week and let her go to town! This was her first time trying broccoli and she did SO well!

I love to watche her eat! She concentrates so hard on the food on her tray. They she picks it up and gets in her fist. IMG_1116

Once she has a piece in her fist she brings it up to her mouth and uses the other hand to open up her fist…IMG_1117

And then pushes the food in with both hands! So cute!


By the way, we were finding those little green pieces from the broccoli all throughout her bath that night! Eating foods this way is SO much messier, but fun too! As far as finger foods go, we’ve done broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bananas.


  1. Chloe just tried puffs for the first time yesterday and you saw how well that went. :) She did choke a few times and it makes me SOO nervous to let her try new things. I get what you are saying about them concentrating on what they are doing and they are just too fun to watch. That's awesome that she is such a great eater!

  2. Us too .. during bath time the other day I found a little broccoli floater, he must of had it in his mouth for over an hour!

  3. Arya has that same bib! I remember when she loved puffs and yogurt melts.


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