Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adelyn Update

Adelyn has about as many pairs of shoes as her Daddy…but unfortunately we can’t get her to keep them on! Well before we even get to that point, when we are putting them on her, she curls her toes up, and doesn’t want anything to do with the shoes! We will have to keep working on the shoe department! IMG_1119 - Copy


Adelyn does so well these days playing with her toys…but she would much rather play with the basket! IMG_1125

Or chew on it! That’s her favorite!


Silly girl! Notice her bow & headband is around her neck. She is very good these days about pulling it down. Another thing we’re working on!IMG_1130

Lastly, Adelyn still is not crawling, but she’s probably the fastest army crawler I’ve seen! ‘And she likes to explore all around the house. Her favorite spots are under the bench in the living room and scooting around under the table & chairs!



  1. Look at that sweet smile! Someone warned me about shoes being an issue later on, so we've already started putting them on Chloe sometimes in hopes she gets used to them early. Who knows if it will work or not, but little ones look so cute with shoes on!

  2. shoes aren't really necessary. my son is 21 months and still doesn't own an actual pair of shoes. he wears robeez on his feet. now that he is walking though, we will have to get him an actual pair of shoes for the spring when we go outside.

  3. Our fave shoes during that age were the Robeez and then the robeez trendz. We also had a super cute pair of pedipeds she could not get off to easy.

  4. What a little sweet pea! I SO miss seeing that toothy grin every morning...
    Did she ever wear the handmade shoes you bought her in Kansas?


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