Thursday, March 15, 2012

First Trip to the Park

We have been having unseasonal highs here in Iowa this week. So we took advantage of those warm temps and took Adelyn to the park after work on Monday. Needles to say, she LOVED it! See for yourself in the pictures we captured.

This was her first trip down the big slide. We put her on her back and Daddy let her slide down to Mommy at the bottom. She giggled the whole way day. It was so precious!IMG_1205

Daddy went to shoot some hoops, so Mommy & Adelyn went to play in the tunnel. As you can tell, she loved that too! She liked to smack the tunnel and hear the noise it made. IMG_1207

Daddy couldn’t resist playing with his girls!IMG_1208



Time for the BIG slide! Daddy joined her for this one though!IMG_1221


Unfortunately the baby swings at the park near our house were broken, so she had to swing with Daddy & Mommy. I don’t think she minded though!IMG_1230


And one last trip down the slide before heading home for bath time!IMG_1243

Check out the video of Adelyn giggling down the slide! LOVE it!


  1. Adelyn looks just like her Daddy!! I love that sweet giggle. I am so ready to take Pearson to the park. We just have to both get better first. We just can't seem to get his silly cough to go away. We are headed to the doctor first thing in the morning tomorrow to hopefully clear it up though.

  2. LoVe to hear that sweet giggle! We loved going to the park w/Garrett - you'll have to check out the one by the aquatic center's good for little ones. Thanks for sharing!
    Your new blog design looks great! I think I might have to do some housekeeping on my own!

  3. Those pictures are great! Who knew going to the park could be so fun again?

  4. Love it!! And it looks like daddy was lovin' being a "little boy" again too!! ;) The pic with her putting her hand up by your head is TOO cute!! Thanks for sharing the video also, looks like she was soakin up every bit of fun she was having with mommy and daddy!!


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