Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun, New Things!

While in Omaha the end of February I picked up Adelyn’s first “anywhere” chair from Pottery Barn Kids. She LOVES it! I plan to take it somewhere here in town to get her name embroidered in it.IMG_1193

Oh and this was the first time I’d put her hair in a “pony tail”. She surprisingly left it alone! This may have to be the new way she’s wears bows because lately she is a pro at pulling her headband/bows off!IMG_1198

My blog friend, Katy, tweeted about finding a music table at a garage sale for her little guy. It isn’t quite garage sale season here in Iowa yet, but I knew just where to look! I checked out Craigslist before going to Omaha to find a music table for Adelyn and was successful!IMG_1189

I ended up finding one for $10, these things retail at $45+, so I considered it a success {plus it’s pink]! And as you can see she loves it!IMG_1191


  1. Love the ponytail! Our big consignment sales start next week in the area and I'm hoping to score some good deals on activity/music tables. And that pink chair is awesome!

  2. I've been looking at the tables for Reece...I think garage sale season comes earlier in Kansas so I'll keep my eye out for one!
    Adelyn's hair is adorable w/the pony! Remember when we threatened to do Reece's hair like that?? Ha!

  3. :) Love the pony!! Little girls are so much FUN!

    Ellasyn has a table like this from her Aunt and Uncle -- she LOVES it!! And now that she is pulling herself up on everything it's her go to toy!


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