Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Toothbrush and No Hair Brush

Now that Adelyn has teeth we’re working on the concept of brushing those cute little teeth! Of course she’s more interested in eating the tooth paste and chewing on the tooth brush…but hey it’s a start!IMG_1143


Just for fun the other night I spiked Adelyn’s hair! She has a bit of natural curl (that I’m really hoping stays!) that makes the spike so much cuter!!IMG_1168

She can’t quite pull herself up to stand in her crib, but she will kneel. After I spiked her hair I stood her up in her crib to pose for a few pictures!IMG_1164 

Can you tell she was pretty proud of herself?!?!!IMG_1162



  1. So cute! I love the spiked hair. We aren't to the toothbrush phase yet, but Chloe sure likes to grab her spoon and chew on it. That girl loves to make things difficult sometimes. :)


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