Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

We started out our weekend EARLY! As in Adelyn was up by 5:40am Saturday morning! Kyle & I were both dragging! We both stayed up too late…when will we learn?!?! We decided to get busy right away and got groceries first thing. After grocery shopping we called some friends and met them for breakfast. It was fun, going out for breakfast isn’t something we hardly ever do!

Once we got home we had family nap time and we all slept about an hour & a half! It was wonderful!

After we had lunch it was time to hit the pool! We are really enjoying our $15 backyard pool! I don’t think a weekend has gone by where we didn’t use it at least 1 day! Adelyn was very entertained by the hose. Kyle and I were just cracking up at the faces she was making!


Also that water was COLD, but she didn’t seem to mind at all! We usually fill up the pool in the morning and its almost bath water temp by the time we get in in the afternoon.


We found out on Friday night that it was cost $5.50/person (no matter what the age) to go to our local aquatic center. So for Kyle, Adelyn, and me to go it was be $16.50! Just seems like a bit much! Don’t get me wrong, we are definitely going to check it out this summer {and we are all about supporting our local community}, but probably won’t make it a regular occurrence. Its so much more convenient to be home, that way if we need a change of clothes, snacks, or even a nap we are right here and don’t have to pack a thing!

After the pool, Adelyn & I went on a walk to dry off. She had her afternoon snack on the go! And we finally tried out another birthday gift. Uncle Steve & Aunt Mel got the shade for Adelyn’s wagon. It really works great and is nice to have!


Adelyn practically fell asleep on the wagon ride! We came home, Adelyn had a nap and I played barber shop & gave Kyle a much needed hair cut!

Saturday night we had a wedding reception to attend. Some friends from work got married at a destination wedding a few weeks ago and were just having the reception here at home now.


Like I mentioned last week it is so much different going to weddings/receptions with a 1 year old! She is so busy & on the go constantly, there is no sitting & visiting around the table…but its even another story when there’s no AC and its 90+ degrees outside!


She did REALLY well, but I think the heat really got to her. We made it through the video of the wedding, supper, toasts, cutting the cake, and left when they were having their first dance. Poor thing was a sweaty mess…along with Mommy & Daddy!

It was a beautiful reception though! Her parents had actually just bought the building {an old school} about 6 weeks earlier. They did an amazing job turning this elementary gym {I actually played volleyball & basketball there 5th-8th grade!} into a elegant, beach-y reception! Congrats Mitch & Amanda! {sorry we had to bail so quick!}


After church on Sunday we picked up Grampo (pronounced Gram-poo) and went into my Mom’s house for lunch.


We grilled out for lunch and had homemade ice cream…perfection! Adelyn’s {super cute} dress is thanks to SheSheMade, our favorite!


Unfortunately we received the news on Sunday that my Uncle Bill ({Grampo’s brother} passed away. I’m thankful though, that we were able to be with Grampo when he got the news. Losing a family member is never easy, no matter how old or young.

IMG_2677 - Copy

We took Grampo back to his house and headed back home. After Adelyn’s afternoon nap it was still almost 100 degrees so we took a quick dip in the pool! And we tried out her 2 pc swimsuit too!


I just can’t handle all the cuteness going on in the picture!!!


I think we are starting a tradition of wagon rides after the pool! I don’t mind one bit!


Another great weekend in the Bangert family!

Check back on Friday for our 4th of July recap! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and remembered to thank those who protect our freedoms! I’m proud to call this great country home!


  1. SO MANY CUTE PICTURES!!! I love that you and Kyle even got in a few!! And I just cut Matt's hair today too!!

  2. I love her black and white dress!

  3. I love that red, white, and blue dress!! Adorable!!!

  4. Wow, I can't get over the fact that you would need to pay $5.50 for Adelyn to "swim". That sounds crazy.

  5. We always stay up late and regret it when C wakes up the next morning. Does the aquatic center have a season pass? Ours is $5 an adult and the season pass is $45 so for us it wasn't worth it. We are taking swim lessons there and you might be able to stay or get wrist bands. She is so cute! We have a wedding to take him to in Sep. I'm sure we will leave early. Have since he was born.


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