Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Year Checkup

On Wednesday June 27th Adelyn had her 1 year check up. We ended up having to wait quite a bit before we even got called back. And this little girl doesn’t sit still, so Daddy chased after her! The stairs and waving to every person that walked by were her favorite activities!IMG_2580

She weighed in at 22lbs 1oz and 30 in long! She was in the 80% for height and 77% weight. We used some tongue depressors to keep her entertained while waiting for the doctor!


Of course two are better than one! She had to get blood drawn at this appoint, they did that before the shots. Daddy had to lay on top of her to keep her from moving. They poked her in her left arm. I couldn’t look, that kind of thing makes me woozie! But I held her right hand, and she squeezed back, the whole time! Needless to say, she SCREAMED the whole time! She didn’t like being restrained, the band tied on her arm, or the poke. Poor thing!IMG_2586

After the blood draw we had about 3-5 minutes to get her calmed down, only to have to lay her right back down to get 4 shots in her legs. Obviously she remembered being laid down on the table & screamed before they even gave her the shots. I cried too! I hate seeing my poor baby upset! Daddy & I are both glad to have this appointment over with!IMG_2587

After Adelyn’s appointment we stopped the grocery store quick for a few things, happened to run into Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Duane, and got home by 5pm. Adelyn was fast asleep in her crib about 5 minutes alter and she slept until 5:30am! All that “trauma” wore the poor thing out! We did get her out of her crib around 10pm for a diaper change and gave her a little bit of milk, but she she went right back to sleep.


  1. Dr's appointments are exhausting for babies and Mamas!!!

  2. Poor thing, she looks so happy beforehand, it's hard knowing they have no idea what's coming next. Just out of curiosity, are blood draws routine at the one-year check up?

  3. Poor Adelyn! Landon screamed the second the Dr. came in this time, which never happens. He was super pissed that his shots were given in the arms instead of his legs this time, and he was not a fan of the finger prick. It's so hard to see them upset like that, isn't it? :(

  4. Poor baby--that was a lot for her, shots and blood draw. Glad she got some good sleep and hope you all did too. She is such a cutie!

  5. I was going to ask the same as Stephanie. Is that part of her routine check up? It isn't here in Canada...

  6. Poor little sweetie pie!! And poor daddy for having to be the "bad guy" and hold her down...and poor mama for having to see her baby girl so unhappy:(


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