Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July Celebration

This is a lot later than I would have like to get it posted, but better late than never!

It was my family’s tradition to go to a local, small town parade for the 4th. And that is just what we did this year! Kyle, Adelyn, & I met up with my parents and Wendi & Hayden. Thankfully my parents got there early & saved us a spot!314776_603051484933_1441594677_n

The kiddos were pretty excited for the parade…can ya tell?!?!


I think this was 2nd favorite part of the parade. I think there were 8+ trucks with trailers filled with flags. Each flag represented a veteran who served our country. So thankful!


Bicycle built for 4?



This was my favorite part…there was a fly over! And they came by multiple times. Kyle was in 7th heaven, he loves fly overs even more than I do!


Hayden wanted to wear Adelyn’s bow since he didn’t have red or blue on!


Wendi thought at the beginning of the parade that she wouldn’t encourage Hayden to pick up candy, but that didn’t happen! Uncle Kyle helped him out and we came away with more candy than we needed! Hayden even snuck a few pieces!


No Iowa parade is complete without farm equipment!



Adelyn has a thing about taking people’s glasses…we should probably work on this!


Grandma & her grandbabies…one little grandbaby was missing though {Lily}!


This float was for the girl scouts, they made a tower out of boxes of girl scout cookies! yum!


After the parade we headed back to my parents house for lunch and then spent the afternoon at my cousin’s house cooling off in the pool!


It was a wonderful 4th of July! Since it fell in the middle of the week I took Thursday {we had a funeral} and Friday off so that way I had a nice long weekend, it was glorious!!!


  1. Our town doesn't do a parade but alot around us do. I wish we would have thought to go to a parade. Oh well, there's always next year, and I know he'll really enjoy it next year!!

  2. I love small town celebrations! And John would love Kyle's shirt!

  3. What a great family tradition! Looks like a great day!

    What a torturous float...the Girl's Scout float ;)


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