Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cousin Playdate

Last weekend Wendi & Hayden came up to our house & we had an impromptu play date! We met for lunch & had some Mexican and then headed to our town’s splash pad.

Hayden was more interested in wanting to play on the equipment than in the water. My poor little girl got knocked flat on her back. {scared me too ‘cause she knocked her head on the concrete}. Remember how I said in this post about the bigger kids running around, yep one got her. Poor thing, she was so upset. So with all that, we decided just to go to our house with a fenced in backyard and the kids could play without us worrying about them running off or getting knocked over!



We pulled the slide up to the pool and Hayden had a BLAST! Adelyn went down a few times, but I was a nervous nelly and had to hold her hands.


Check out that big smile!


Wendi was happy to get some sun & play w/her iphone!


I love the kids’ expressions in this picture, they both look so focused!


And no afternoon in the pool is complete without a wagon ride. This was a short one though, they were both more than ready for nap time!


Kyle stayed home while the kiddos napped and Wendi & I did a little shopping! It was fun to have some sister time without busy baby interruptions! We came home to find that Uncle Kyle/Daddy had both kids happy and snacking!


I made supper and it was time for a bath. Hayden insisted on getting in the tub with Adelyn! Love these two babies SO much!


It was such a fun day with some of the people I love most! Come & play again Wendi & Hayden!


  1. Playdates are the best... And now I am definitely craving a kiddie pool in our back yard:) Your baby girl is beautiful!!

  2. Cousins are so much fun aren't they?? How close does your sister live?

  3. So much fun!!!! I wish Hudson had cousins close in age to him! My sis and her hubby are trying right now so hopefully soon!


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