Monday, April 2, 2012

Adelyn’s Nine Months Old!

I can hardly type that my baby girl is already 9 months old! Less than 3 months, she’ll be a year. Just doesn’t seem possible! This little girl has forever changed our lives and we couldn’t be happier!

We purchased a new toy for Adelyn this month, a music table. She loves it ‘cause she can stand up like a big girl and play! She also loves to sit by her bookshelf and pull all the books off the shelf and look through them! 2

We took her to the park for the first time this month and she loved it! The slide was her favorite. She’s wanting to sit up like a big girl when she goes down though and she’s not quite ready for that! But she sure does try for all she can to sit up!

Right when Adelyn turned 9 months old she began “regular” crawling the majority of the time! She will still army crawl from time to time. It’s so fun to put her on the floor and let her just explore, she’s so curious about everything. Adelyn clapped for the first time this month! I sing the praise song “Clap your hands all you people…” to her all the time and slowly she’s starting to get it! So incredibly cute! She can also high 5! IMG_1469

For some reason she has come to hate her changing table. Not only is she uber wiggly, but she also just cries and cries when you put her on it. I’m not sure why or what it is. But diaper changes these days have been a dual effort. One person to change her and another to keep her entertained. I’m hoping she grows out of this phase!

Adelyn got her 5th tooth this month. She got her top one to the left of her top 2. (not sure what the “official” name is) It’s so hard to get a peek at her top teeth we hardly knew it popped through, but she did get sick {again} the end of January and we were home with her for almost a week, so I’m sure that was a sign…or just all those germs at daycare. IMG_1473

Since getting her teeth she has really turned into quite the biter. When we pick her up she gets all excited and nuzzles into our shoulder and bites on that muscle/tendon that sticks out {unfortunately it fits perfectly in her mouth}. Ouch! I’m really hoping this is just ‘cause she is teething and not a sign that she’s going to be a biter when she’s older. We’ve had to “discipline” her when she bites. Not fun for her or us! I’ve cried a few times when I have to do it. She just sticks out that bottom lip real far and just lets out this big, sad cry. Breaks my heart, but I know it’s for the best. No one said parenting would be easy I guess!IMG_1488

Adelyn is doing SO well with finger foods. In addition to the foods I’ve mentioned in previous months we’ve tried peas, string cheese, cauliflower, and oranges. Usually she has 3 “meals” a day and 2 snacks. She LOVES oranges! Grandma & Grandpa Greene brought us back a HUGE bag from Texas and Adelyn has been enjoying those this month!

About a week before she was 9 months she was less interested in her bottles at daycare. She nurses in the morning and at night before bed and then had 2 bottles of breast milk at daycare. Up until now those bottles were 6-7 ounces. Last week she was only eating 3-4 ounces. So instead of having 2 small bottles at daycare we cut it down to one big one. She didn’t even skip a beat. On the weekends and over spring break whens she is home with us, she does so well nursing 3 times a day, usually at 6am, noon, and 7pm. 1

Adelyn is still in size 3 diapers and wears 6-9mo and 6-12mo clothes. She is just SO fun these days and we couldn’t feel any more blessed to have such a good baby.

weight – 18lbs 9oz
length – 28 3/4 in
eating – 100% nursing or breastmilk from a bottle, cereal, & solids
clothes - 6-9 mo and 6-12 mo
diapers - size 3

Watch me grow!9 months


  1. Precious!! Hudson is into bitting too...i hate it!

  2. I bet she is so cute to watch when she's on the move, finding things to entertain herself with. Ouch, the biting thing doesn't sound like fun! I hope it's just a phase, that can make nursing difficult too I bet. :( Gorgeous, happy baby!


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