Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrating Easter

On Saturday we celebrated Easter at my parents’ house with my family. I got Hayden a pinwheel and some bubbles! Last minute I got Adelyn & Lily some adirondack chairs! We couldn’t resist the opportunity for a photo opp!IMG_1646

It was so cute…we caught Adelyn & Hayen sitting in the hallway feeding their snack to Abby!!IMG_1657

Adelyn says “Hey, save some for me!”IMG_1669

“Adelyn you can lick the bowl!”IMG_1672

Love these 2 little ladies! Stef is officially a stay at home Mom as of last week!IMG_1673

Mom made all the main dishes (read: holiday=hamballs!) and us girls brought the sides. I made some festive deviled eggs!IMG_1675

After lunch we spent the afternoon visiting and playing with the kids!IMG_1678


One of Stef’s high school friends, Bethany, stopped by with her husband and their little girl, Mae! She was born in August, so just a few months behind Adelyn. IMG_1692

Since I can remember Mom has always hit Easter baskets for us kids and just ‘cause we’re grown she hasn’t stopped…they’ve just gotten a little smaller! ry=480

Mom and Duane hid our “baskets” all around outside and we had a fun time finding them.ry=4801

They even hid one for Grandma!ry=4802






I had to take the opportunity to snap a few pictures of Adelyn in her Easter SheSheMade outfit!IMG_1700

We had a wonderful Easter, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, surrounded by the ones I love most!

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  1. That chair is really cute! Looks like a great Easter with your family!


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