Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Friday in Granville

Kyle & I were off work on Good Friday. Wednesday night we were discussing our Friday plans. I had an idea to drive up to see our friends Mark & Jenna from KC. They were visiting Jenna’s parents for the weekend. It ended up working out and we head to NW Iowa for the afternoon/evening!

Adelyn was a great little traveler. Jenna greeted us at the car when we got to her parents’ house and Adelyn went right to her!!IMG_1581

Mark & Jenna were so sweet to get Adelyn a little Easter lamb…she loved it!IMG_1583

She also loved Marks iphone! He was teaching her how to play Angry Birds!IMG_1590

Sadly we hadn’t seen Mark & Jenna since their wedding in September, hence we hadn’t done our Christmas gift exchange. They got Adelyn this cute little Hawkeye lawn chair!! It will be perfect for tailgating!!



We took advantage of Betty’s, Jenna’s Mom, Easter decorations for a few pictures! Here Adelyn is hanging out with the bunnies on the porch!IMG_1617

We enjoyed the afternoon catching up with our besties. Picture 041

Betty made us a wonderful supper and the boys grilled.Picture 043

After supper we got Adelyn in her PJ’s and had a little more play time before we had to hit the road home. Needless to say she had a fun afternoon/evening!IMG_1631

Betty had to get a little Adelyn time before we left and it was SO cute. Betty was laughing at something and Adelyn threw her head back and laughed too!! Too funny!IMG_1642


  1. She is so beyond cute, what a beautiful family y'all are! P.S. LOVE your blog design! :)

  2. That outfit is adorable! And I love that last picture! When I saw KC I wondered if you were here, but then I kept reading. :)

  3. LOVE this!! Wish we could rewind in time :( Miss and love you guys so much!

    PS Mom is going to love that pic of her and Adelyn!!


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