Thursday, April 26, 2012



Easter Sunday we went to church as a family. Afterwards we met my family for a nice brunch. I found Adelyn’s Easter dress a few months ago. I loved the bright blue and the smocking!IMG_1716

We were lucky enough to make it through church and brunch with no spills on the dress to get a photo opp in our yard. We used this beautiful flowering bush for nice background!IMG_1723

Adelyn tried to convince Daddy to share his Easter candy with her!IMG_1735

After our outdoor pictures we came in to do Adelyn’s Easter basket!IMG_1749

We gave Adelyn some gold fish snacks, an under armour outfit, a baby doll, and some bubbles. IMG_1758

I couldn’t believe that Adelyn didn’t have a baby doll yet and so I couldn’t resist the chance to get her one! She wasn’t too interested in it yet, but she did have fun pulling everything out of her basket!IMG_1762


  1. That dress is gorgeous on her! Perfect opportunity to give her her first baby doll. :)

  2. Cute dress!!
    I'd be trying to convince Daddy to share his candy too if I were her!! Smart girl ;)
    I spotted UA, can't wait to see her rockin' that outfit! Such a stylin' mama!


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