Friday, June 27, 2008

Kitchen Progress!!

Once again last night we worked on our kitchen cabinets! Kyle's brother Travis came with the air compressor and finish nailer so we could add the trim to the front of the doors. I got the 1st & 2nd coats of paint on all the bases and part of the doors, but we ran out of trim to add to the front. Luckily my wonderful brother in law works in Des Moines and is going to pick some more up for us today!! Our goal is to have everything done on Sunday night when we go to we'll see!! I really think it is going to look great when its all done...just can't wait for that to happen!!
Kyle working on the trim on the doors.
After a few coats of paint!
Another view!
A view of the door painted with the trim on the front!
These are all the doors we have left to add trim and paint!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and enjoys this sunny weather we're getting!!

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