Monday, November 18, 2013

Iowa Hawkeye Cozy Coupe Makeover

I wanted to do something special for Adelyn’s birthday (and inexpensive ). I’ve seen the super hero, minnie mouse, fire trucks, etc cozy coupe makeovers all over pinterest and that got my wheels a-turning! How about an Iowa Hawkeye one?!? It was perfect ‘cause it wouldn’t be girlie and lil bro could play w/it when she was too big for it. Perfect!

I found a used cozy coupe on craigslist for $10 and my wonderful sister & BIL picked it up for me. Note: I forgot to take a before picture, so mine is borrowed!

IMG_9156 IMG_5436

I took ALL the pieces apart (except I forgot the key) and sprayed painted them with Krylon’s paid for plastics. You can see in my photos, it took quite a few coats. I wanted a nice, even, sharp coat of black, so it took quite a few coats. I think I used 3 cans of black spray paint. Don’t forget to do an undercoat (can you see the red in the picture on the right?)!


I taped off the wheels and painted everything except the steering wheel black. The steering wheel is more of a rubbery material, but it took the yellow spray paint, no problem!


I let the pieces dry for quite a few days, then I taped off the roof for an “I”. Hindsight I would have done this first and then the black because I had some yellow overspray on the black that I thought I was done with! Ya live & ya learn, right?


I purchased a few decals online and slapped them on once everything was good & dry and viola! Now I probably ended up spending more in paint & decals, but my kiddos now have a one of a kind cozy coupe and will be the talk of the tailgate!

IMG_9156 IMG_5436

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