Thursday, July 23, 2009

Evening w/Family

My sister Stefanie is here from Georgia for a few weeks so we’ve been spending lots of time with family! Loving it! Tuesday night we had Casey’s pizza at Mom’s house and just sat around and visited. It was a nice time! Abby even got to come along for the evening!

Look at those storm clouds rolling in over Otho!!!

DSC03925 DSC03924


Abby loves car rides! She likes to look out the window and also sniff the vents! She’s a good lil passenger, although I think somehow they need to invent doggie seat belts ‘cause if we crashed I don’t think my reflexes are good enough to grab her!

DSC03928 DSC03927
DSC03932 DSC03931


Blue skies ahead!DSC03937 

And the storm is a-brewing behind me!! DSC03939 


My puppy loves me!! :)

I should pri take less pictures and pay attention to my driving…but we were on the country roads so we’re ok!! :pDSC03940 

She got quite excited when we pulled around the block to Mom & Duane’s house. I think she knew where she was!! :)


Sisters!! Wendi we missed you!!DSC03942   

My BIL Preston…AKA Pres-ta-mos!!! :)DSC03948 

Mom and DuaneDSC03950 

My cute southern sista!!! She knows where her roots are though…and hopefully she coming back to them soon!! :)DSC03952 

Sisterly love…I think it looks like she has me in a head lock…but really she didn’t!! :)DSC03955


I’m looking forward to many more fun days/nights with the fam this next week! Be ready for picture overload!! :)

Tomorrow’s Friday!!!

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  1. Hey pretty lady! Love the updates and so glad you had a great time with your fam!
    Abby looks adorable too! At the pet stores here they do sell doggy seatbelts! I'm not sure if you have the same stores, but they can be found at PetSmart or Petland. You can try their websites too for shipping if they aren't in your area!


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