Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Hubby

Kyle usually has a day off during the week because he works on Saturdays. Traditionally it’s Thursdays. So when I got home today I noticed he cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher! Something small, but I greatly appreciated it! Well I sat down to talk with him and I noticed this:DSC03760

Now if you’ve been in our house lately (past 3 years!)  you would have seen that our entry doors didn’t have any trim around them on the inside. We had the doors replaced in 2006, but the person did not finish the job and WAY overcharged us for what he did do, so we weren’t about to call him back! We need some jam extensions made and we do not have the tools to make them so the trim around the doors got pushed down on the “to-do” list! Well thanks to Dad B we got some jam extensions! Thank you SO much Dad B!!! :)

So when Kyle was off today he installed  the jam extensions and then the trim on top of them!! I was so happy! After I noticed the front door I ran to the back door and found the same thing…a door all trimmed out!! :)


I had to ask Kyle if there were any other “surprises” around the house and he was like “I don’t know” so of course I knew there had to be something more! And I knew it just then! We’ve been missing the end piece on the kitchen flooring to the basement steps for quite some time and he fixed that too!! What a guy!!! :)DSC03772

Our hope to finish replacing all the trim and interior doors upstairs with white, so I would say this is one step closer!! Good job Babe!!

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