Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Melanie & Steve’s Wedding

Hold on…this is a long one!! It’s worth it tho, I promise!! :)

Kyle and I drove out to Chicago on Wednesday the week of Melanie’s wedding. His brother Travis and a friend rode with us. We got in late Wednesday  night and met up with Mom and Dad B and Laura (Kyle’s sister) at the hotel.

Thursday we headed over to Steve’s house to meet up with everyone else. I went with Mel and the rest of the girls to get pampered. And the guys stayed back and did “man” stuff!! Dad B and Travis’ friend re-screened a few doors, Kyle replaced some lawn mower tires, and fixed their garage door opener.

The girls included Laura, Mom B, Melanie, Shelly (Melanie’s Matron of Honor and college friend), Laura W (a bridesmaid and Chicago friend of Mel’s), and Erica and Trinity (Mel has lived with Erica and her family for a few years now and Erica is a bridesmaid and Trinity is the flower girl).


This was a “first” for Mom B and I think she really enjoyed it! I told her she needs to join me more often for mani’s and pedi’s!! :)


The glowing bride-to-be!!DSC00018   

 Cute Shelly!!DSC00015

Laura W and Erica enjoying the “pampered-ness”!! 

DSC00019 DSC00029


Mel and her new pretty nails!   DSC00051

Trinity patiently waiting for her nails to dry!DSC00044

DSC00047 DSC00050



After our busy day everyone got cleaned up and headed to the church for a “run through”! It went pretty smoothly and I think everyone got the idea of what they were supposed to be doing! Here are a few pictures of “practice”!! :)

DSC00062DSC00071 DSC00079DSC00057


Trinity practicing dropping the petals!DSC00070      

Got a little captain in ya?!?!DSC00074    DSC00096


Rehearsal Dinner

After the rehearsal everyone headed to Steve’s house for a grill out. And a lot more family showed up too! Kyle’s sister and BIL from CO and their daughter and quite a few other Aunts & Uncles along with Grandpa and Grandma DeWall. This was the first time we got to meet our neice, Arianna. She is 14 months and just too cute!

DSC03072 DSC03074


DSC03078 DSC03080


Mom B picked up these brownies at Sam’s Club and they were A-M-A-Z-ING!!!! They were called “two bite brownies”, but Kyle says they were only 1!!! :)DSC03084  


Getting Ready

Melanie and all the girls got their hair done at the church. And thank goodness they did…it rained and rained and rained!!! It rained so much that streets were SUPER flooded and it took Kyle and Dad B over an hour to go 4 miles from the hotel to the church!

Ok back to hair!! Melanie’s hair person was so kind to come out all the way from Pocahontas, IA and do Mel’s hair for her. She has done Mel’s hair for years and years! And we even heard some fun stories about my funny little hubby when he was little!! She did such a great job working with all of Mel’s curls!! Turned out awesome!!

DSC03093 DSC03106 DSC03112
DSC03117 DSC03114 DSC03118

 Great job Lisa…Melanie looked stunning!!DSC03120

Bridesmaids’ Hair

DSC03107 DSC03094
DSC03096 DSC03122


DSC03095 DSC03109 DSC03123
DSC03110 DSC03111 DSC03116


DSC03125In the words of Mom B, “Lisa is going to floof my hair”!! :) Turned out very nice!! DSC03121


Adding a touch of glow to the already glowing bride!DSC03129    

DSC03127 DSC03130


So pretty!!! :)

DSC03133 DSC03134 DSC03135
DSC03138 DSC03137 DSC03140


Don’t forget the garter!!DSC03142 DSC03143


The Mom’s all pretty and ready for the big day!!DSC03144   DSC03132 

“Melanie!!! You’re getting married!!!!” - Shelly




   DSC03181  DSC03208  

DSC03211 DSC03212



DSC03198    DSC03202            DSC03261       DSC03271DSC03268         

  DSC00333                DSC03237      DSC03340   

The entire family on Mom B’s side!! DSC03345


DSC03360 DSC03361 DSC03362

     DSC03365       DSC03372    

 DSC03391 DSC03553                     

 DSC03216  DSC03320 

my cutie pa-tootie hubby!!DSC03337 

DSC03539 DSC03540


Tim wanted to be picked up after Kyle picked me up….!!! No Comment! ;)DSC03541 

And of course us girls have to get in on it too!DSC03543 

Kyle and Caleb blowing bubbles!DSC03548


  DSC03529 DSC03530 DSC03537

They went to get slurpee’s from 7-11!!DSC03552

      DSC03501   DSC03504     

  DSC03601  DSC03603 DSC03615    DSC03642   DSC03648 

Congrats Melanie and Steve!!


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