Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saturday w/Cousins!

My cousin, Elizabeth, came down for the weekend from Minnesota. She just had a baby in late May! Her Dad and Step Mom live here so we hung out at their house for the day. Elizabeth's step sister, Jill, also had a little boy in May...they are just 10 days or so apart. It's so fun that the cousins are so close in age. And I know Don & Sherawn are loving being Grandpa & Grandma!!Elizabeth and I were like sisters when we were little and have stayed close ever since. Even if we don't see each other or talk for a while, when we do it's like we never even missed a beat!!!

It was so fun to see Elizabeth as a Mom.  Ross was too busy checking out the lights to take a picture!!DSC04016


Her little boy's name is Ross and looks just like his Daddy, Adam!!DSC04017

Elizabeth's family owns a little cafe in Harcourt called the "Red Hen" and something with their slogan has something about a chicken...sorry guys I can't remember what it is!! (Help me out here Sherawn) Anyway, they bought this chicken costume for the parade and we had some fun with it!!

DSC04019 DSC04020 DSC04021


Cute little, baby Ross!!DSC04027

Cousins!! I <3 this girl SO much!!DSC04028

DSC04031 DSC04032


This is my sister...don't you think we look alike?!?!lolDSC04033

Aunt Elizabeth and Emma...this is Kyle's (Elizabeth's little brother) girl. DSC04035

Emma was happy to see Grandma Sherawn!!DSC04038

Grandpa Don and RossDSC04040


Doesn't it look like Ross is ready to box?!?! too funny!!!DSC04043

Emma likes to play dress up!!DSC04046

Daddy and EmmaDSC04048

Aunt Elizabeth wanted to get in the picture too!!DSC04049


Grandma Sherawn cuddling w/baby Ross!DSC04050


Emma is just SO cute!!DSC04053


Nate & Kylie stopped over and Lauryn got her first pool experience!!DSC04054

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