Friday, December 6, 2013

My Two Little “Dears”

We had a little photo shoot before daycare this morning. I love dressing my kids up throughout the holiday season!
There aren’t a lot of options to match/coordinate brother/sister. So when I find something this cute I can’t resist! I picked these up at not too long ago! You can find them here and here.
And getting a picture of my two sweeties these days isn’t the easiest, they have their own ideas! I love how Avery is looking at Adelyn in the picture on the right! ha!
This is what I saw the majority of the time! BTW, I didn’t even notice the back had “young buck” on the back until I got it in the mail, adorable!!
At least they’re both smiling here! Avery is always trying to escape. I have a feeling I’m in for it with this one…Adelyn has always been so low key. I don’t think Avery will follow suit!
A little “tickle, tickle” got them to sit there and earned some big smiles for just long enough to snap a picture! Sure do love my sweet lil dears! (get it? Ha!)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful December & staying warm! The wind chill today is almost –20! Brrr!!!


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