Monday, December 30, 2013

Adelyn’s 1st IA Football Game

ICYMI I’ve been a bad blogger & I’m determined to get caught to have our family memories “journal-ed” on our blog!
Saturday September 21st Adelyn attended her first Iowa Hawkeye football game! She had been to Iowa City and tailgated a few times last year, but this was the first year she got to in to the game! At first she was a little overwhelmed with all the people & noise (she’s quite shy!).IMG_2265
The majority of Kyle’s family came to this game as well..his sister’s Laura & Mel (and her hubs Steve) and his parents. It was a fun Bangert family day!
We had to check out the drum line before the game…Adelyn was quite mesmerized by them! Oh and it was quite chilly that morning too, hence the gloves!
We headed into the stadium to watch the pre-game and for Adelyn to get acclimated to the craziness that is an Iowa football game!
She quickly warmed up and LOVED finding Herky running all over the football field!
And she knew just what to do when they sand the national anthem…so proud!
We made it to half time and had an “incident”. She was reaching for something under the bleachers and slide down the concrete to the row below. It scrapped her leg pretty bad. I felt SO bad for her! So Adelyn and Mommy hung out and walked around for the 2nd half.
We had some fun shopping…
…people watching…
…and the game got over just in time for her to crash in her carseat on the 3 hour drive home!
It was a fun day with our family! I can’t wait for Saturdays in Iowa City in the fall to be a norm for our family in the years to come!

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