Friday, December 6, 2013


ICYMI I’ve been a bad blogger & I’m determined to get caught to have our family memories “journal-ed” on our blog!
August 29th I turned 29, my “golden birthday”! Kyle completely outdid himself and threw me an awesome surprise party!
It was a Friday afternoon and as far as I knew the plans were for me to go to my sister’s house to help her get settled (they had recently moved) before family came to town for the long labor day weekend. I got to Mindi’s house and she wasn’t into unpacking or decorating. I was a little irritated ‘cause I cleared my Friday afternoon to help her! Kyle called and wanted to order pizza, which worked ok since Mindi wasn’t into our original plan. We did a little bit and headed to our house. 
We pulled around the corner and I saw a bunch of people standing in my driveway…I was puzzled at first, but quickly figured it out! SURPRISE!!!
Kyle invited our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, everyone!! It was so fun to walk around and just see who was all there to celebrate with me!
My SIL, Mel, made a beautiful cake!
I was a little bummed out that I was in comfy clothes to help my sister & not cute party clothes, but I just wen with it! Also Kyle gets major props. I was home a good part of the AM with sick kiddos who went to the dr 2 different times. Kyle was sweating that I wasn’t going to leave the house! ha!
My good friend, Sara, gave me a super cute IA Hawkeye necklace (Adelyn loves it too!)
I mentioned to a few friends that there were more kids at my birthday party than Adelyn’s 2nd birthday party just a few months before (we only invited family to simplify things)
But all the kiddos sure had fun! Clearly…Hayden was running around in his undies and who needs a swimsuit or trunks…Lily & Trace don’t! Ha!
I had talked with Sara throughout the day about how much I was looking forward to the weekend…it was a 3 day weekend after a LONG week at work, my sisters were coming home, 1st IA football game, lots to look forward to! Little did I know there was a big party in the works! Her Mom even came down to celebrate! Love these ladies!!
On of the girls from my office, Addrea and her family came! Also our neighbor Chad and his girlfriend!
More friends from work: The Rials & The Osais
And no party would be complete with some of our very most favorite friends, Mark & Kathy! Love them so!
Both sets of parents too! (My Dad was in the field, boo)
Friends & co-workers, the Bush family! Adelyn & Brody are good lil buddies! She used to call his Bro Bro, it was so sweet…now she says his full name.
Preston & Mindi (the deceiving lil culprits!) and co-worker/friend Linda – her son & I went to elementary/middle school together years ago!
And the 3 most important party people…my favorites!
I know we missed a pictures with a few people, but I’m so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with me, means so much! And a huge thanks to my awesome hubby for pulling it off! It was such a fun night…that didn’t end with a  birthday celebration…
My sister & Matt announced their engagement!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t have asked for a better/happier weekend!! Congrats to you guys! can’t wait to help plan and welcome Matt into our family!
Check out the video…and grab some tissues! So sweet!

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