Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adelyn’s Christmas Program

I was SO excited for Adelyn’s Christmas program this year. She loves to sing so I was thinking she might actually participate this year (opposed to prior years!) but that didn’t happen…
Both sets of grandparents, Great Grandma, Mark & Kathy, and Aunt Mindi were ALL (10 people total!) there to see Adelyn in the program. Her class walked in to go to the stage looking so sweet holding on to a rope they use for walks on a regular basis. I could tell she looked nervous & overwhelmed with all the people, but I just let her do her thing, all while my Mom is nudging me saying “She’s looking for you, wave to her.”. Well I did and that was the worst decision that night. She completely lost it and ran across the room crying. I picked her up and she didn’t move from my lap until after the program (for a rice crispy bar!) I tried to get her to go back up there with her friends and teachers, but she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Yep I have “that” kid! Oh well! There’s always next year and we will never forget this year! I’m really hoping she gets past this painfully shy stage!
This was the only picture I got (afterwards) because I was holding a 30lb toddler the whole night!IMG_6172

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  1. Omgosh! Poor little girl... I know I've been there!
    Great family picture! And oh Avery, I just want to squeeze you!!!!!


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