Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meeting Baby Jordyn

Back in October Kyle and I…very sneaky…went down to KC to meet our wonderful friends’ new baby girl Jordyn when she was just a few days old! I could hardly handle the excitement when I heard the news that she had arrived…we sold our IA football tickets, got a babysitter, hopped in the car, and headed south!
She was everything I anticipated and more. Pure sweetness!!!
To say we are excited for these new parents is an understatement. Parenting is the hardest and at the same time, the best thing we’ve ever done! So excited for you guys to experience it!
Love these 2 girls SO much!! Jordyn is going to be girl-iest girl I know!! No pressure or anything…but I could see an arranged marriage in Avery’s future! Ha!
I made a fun little video of our surprise! Still makes me smile, laugh, and even cry today! Love you Mark, Jenna, and sweet baby Jordyn!


  1. I love that you brought them Larita's cookies and Darriette ice cream!! The true treasures of FD!

  2. I could read this post and watch this video over and over again...moments like these will never, ever be forgotten! Love you guys <3


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