Saturday, July 30, 2011

Virtual Bible Study

Just this week I joined a “Blogger Bible Study” and thought it would be fun to share just in case anyone else wants to join! A “blog” friend of mine, Callie, over at The Wannabe Athlete had this idea and I loved it! Feel free to go here to read her post on it. In a nutshell she plans to post once a week on her blog and anyone else is welcome to link their blog as well if you want to post about.

She has also created a facebook group where everyone can stay connected & accountable throughout the week. If you are interested please visit and request to join! (The name of the group is currently “Blogger Bible Study” but you do not have to be a blogger to join!)

Beginning August 14th we will be going through Beth Moore’s study “Ester: It’s tough being a woman”. 51THeNbHCXL__SS500_

I think this is a great idea. I hope to learn and grow from the experience! Let me know if you join!!

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