Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hospital Stay

If you missed Adelyn’s birth story, click here to get caught up!

After our first moments as a family of 3, we called our families right away to share the good news! Visiting hours didn’t start until 9am, but we got special permission and had a few early guests! Grandma & Grandpa Greene were our first visitors! Pretty sure my Mom was a little emotional here! _DSC5381

Then Adelyn met Auntie M, the first of many of her aunties! DSC00025

Aunt Stef_DSC5361

Aunt WendiDSC00030

Cousin Hayden came too…_DSC5366

He was more interested in Adelyn’s crib though than his new cousin!_DSC5364_DSC5383

Adelyn is so blessed to have these 4 amazing women in her life!_DSC5372

That picture brings back memories…9 months ago…DSC08563[1]

Ok back to all of Adelyn’s visitors! One of our Pastor’s from church came first thing in the morning to congratulate us!_DSC5388

Grandma B came later in the morning to meet her 2nd granddaughter!_DSC5390

Great Grandma came as well! This is great grand-child #4!_DSC5393

4 generations!_DSC5395

Great Grampo came to meet his first great granddaughter! He was a little nervous to hold her though!DSC00031

Hayden is a little less fragile! DSC00035

And Great Grandma Donna! Love this picture!DSC00037

A few of the girls from my office stopped by after work!DSC00038

Our neighbor & good friend, Chad!DSC00040

Later on Grandma B came back with Grandpa Jim Jim! That’s what we hope Adelyn will call him anyway! We got the idea from Couples Retreat! DSC00044

Our neighbors & good friends, Mike & Mindy!DSC00045

Uncle P came after work!DSC00047

We even made the Wendys sign!20110621132130-1

Day 1 with our baby girl was amazing! We could hardly believe it, but we were up for 41 hours straight! It was all worth it though!!_DSC5370

Adelyn’s first 2 days she was sporting a mo-hawk…it would NOT lay down for anything! After her 2nd bath though it finally decided to calm down!DSC00049

We sent Adelyn to the nursery for the night on Tuesday to get some zzz’s after our long day. The nurses brought her in every few hours for feedings. Wednesday morning we were woken bright & early for checks by my doctor and Adelyn saw her doctor as well.

And the visitors started right away! Our friend Laura from church came to say hi! She has a little guy that is about 5 months older than Adelyn. DSC00050

Grandpa Steve came to meet his first Granddaughter later in the day! I wish I would’ve got a better picture! DSC00051

Our friend Sarah and her little guy Zane stopped by to meet Adelyn! Sarah & I were due 3 weeks apart and Zane ended up coming 3 weeks early, so they are about 7 weeks apart. And we only live a few blocks away! I’m sure we’ll have lots of play dates!DSC00055My cousin Christine from TX happened to be in town, which worked out great! She is due with her #4 in October!DSC00059

Angela wanted to hold her too! Good practice for the big sister!DSC00063

Another girl from my office, Addrea, came to visit! I work with such a great group of girls!DSC00060

Aunt Laura drove home from Chicago to meet her newest niece!DSC00062

And we had to get a picture with both Uncle P & Auntie M!DSC00064

By the end of the day Wednesday we were exhausted, but at the same time overjoyed! We had each other, a healthy baby girl, lots of supportive family & friends, and we were looking forward to the next day to take Adelyn home! We kept Adelyn with us in our room for the night and it went pretty well!

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