Monday, July 18, 2011

Adelyn’s First Bottle

Friday Kyle, Adelyn, and I had our first little family date night out! We grabbed some supper at Applebees, make a stop at Target (much easier when Daddy is there is to help!), got some ice cream, and picked up a movie from Redbox to finish up our night at home! It was the perfect night with my little family!

Before we started the movie, we had our first attempt of feeding Adelyn from a bottle. Next weekend while I go to a bachelorette party my Mom is going to watch her and will have to feed her. We wanted to make sure she wouldn’t have a problem taking it…no worries there! She took it like a champ and guzzled the 2+ ounces in no time! I don’t think my Mom will have a problem feeding her from a bottle next weekend! And Kyle was SO proud to be able to take part in feeding our daughter! I think you can tell by the BIG smile, he was happy!DSC00303

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  1. Such a proud daddy!!! Happy to hear you had a fun family date night! And super jealous you got Dariette! ;)


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