Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching Up

We are going to rewind a bit from our 4th of July post to get caught up! Our friends, Mark & Jenna (from KC), came up for the long weekend. Jenna was in a wedding and they were excited to meet Adelyn!

They got here late Wednesday night and lucky for them Adelyn is a bit of a night owl, so they got to say hi before bedtime! Mark and Jenna are getting married in September (9.10.11!) and both Kyle & I are standing up with them. We are so happy for them (just wish they would move back to the area)!!DSC00172

I had to get a picture of the gifts they brought. Jenna did such a great job wrapping them! She knows I love polka dots!DSC00175

They got us a Iowa Hawkeye carseat cover and this cute little headband and bow! I can’t wait to dress Adelyn up in all her Hawkeye stuff. Sadly I don’t have hardly any Hawkeye things in the 0-3 mo size. We are ready for this fall though!DSC00176

And who can resist snuggle time with this little cutie! I think this is Adelyn’s favorite way to lay whens she’s tired. Mark & Jenna decided they are going to be Adelyn’s *unofficial* Uncle & Aunt! We were a-ok with that!DSC00179

Kyle got off work a little early the few days Mark & Jenna were here. He is always excited to come home and see his girls! I love being able to be home all day with Adelyn, but we  sure do love it when Daddy comes home for the evening!!!DSC00180

Another personalized thing I ordered the day we chose Adelyn’s name….SheSheMade gowns!!! I just love these!! They are SUPER cute and so functional. Kyle loves that you just pull the gown up for a quick diaper change. I actually ordered this one and one other one she has yet to wear, but I’ll be sure to share pictures when she does!DSC00185

Adelyn’s first official outing (besides her 1 week weight check) was our friends’ wedding reception on Saturday. She wass wonderful! S he slept in her seat the WHOLE time despite the loud music, chatter, and everyone coming up to meet her! Sadly I didn’t get any pictures!


  1. AWW I just love that little cutie so much! Auntie and Uncie miss her already:( It's too bad we couldn't sneak out of the house with her :\

    And AGREED about living closer. I'd be so blessed to be able to see that doll everyday and maybe even get some one on one time with her!! aka designated babysitter:)

  2. Hmmm...Auntie Jenna sure looks like a natural! :-)


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