Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Family Walk

Friday when Kyle got home from work we decided it was time to have a family walk! I was past the 2 week recovery mark and felt ready to get in some *light* activity! So Kyle got to work assembling the stroller…easy peasy! DSC00254

And we were on our way! Abby even joined us…but I think by the time we snapped this picture she was half way down the sidewalk! I think she missed all those walks we took towards the end of my pregnancy when we were trying to get Adelyn to come!DSC00263

Adelyn loved her first stroller ride, so much that she fell asleep! And we’re so glad for that, we plan to have many more walks in the future!DSC00265

For those of you questioning why her carrier & stroller don’t match…here’s the deal: The carrier is a hand-me-down from cousin Hayden. He is still able to use his stroller, so we just registered for a stroller that was compatible with the carrier and, thanks to the wonderful girls in my office, we got it! At first I was a picky about it not matching, but I got over that part & just accepted the blessing of the free carrier & stroller! Smile

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  1. mine didn't match either for the same reason. they are typically only in the carrier for about 7 months anyway.
    they told you not to go for a walk for 2 weeks? shit, i was walking kid#1 to and from school after 5 days.


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