Monday, July 4, 2011

First Days at Home

Kyle got a week and a half off work for Adelyn’s birth and we enjoyed every minute of it!! Since we didn’t choose her name until her due date a few personalized items were waiting for us in the mail when we got home from the hospital. (I ordered about 3-4 things the day we chose her name!)

One of the items was the vinyl for the nursery! On Friday, Kyle and I got her name put up and did a few other last minute things in the nursery. It was a family project though…DSC00103

…even Adelyn was in there with us! She hung out in her newborn lounger while we finished up things in her room!DSC00085

It must have been a rough project though, this little girl was tuckered out! DSC00095

Over the next few days we just stayed in, relaxed, and enjoyed our time together! We had lots of visitors and wonderful families from our church provided supper for us each night! I cannot even begin to say what a blessing it was to have that each night!DSC00124

When Adelyn was 8 days old Kyle went back to work. We were sad to see Daddy go for the day, but knew that was coming eventually! Before Adelyn got too big I had to get her in this onesie Aunt Wendi got for her. It is newborn size! It fits her everywhere, except the length! She’s such a long little girl!DSC00169

And how can you resist cute little yawning pictures! Speaking of yawning…we have been blessed with a really good sleeper! Adelyn will sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours/night! That stretch just doesn’t start until about midnight or 1am. I’m hoping by the time I go back to work I can get her to start that stretch each night a little earlier! But for now, Daddy & I are happy to get that amount of sleep with a newborn!DSC00168


  1. how long do you guys get off of work down there? here in canada, we get a full 52 weeks, 50 which are paid (though only 55% of your earnings to a max of $456/wk)


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