Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kyle Runs 26.2

October 20th, 2013 Kyle ran his first marathon, the IMT Des Moines Marathon. He completely amazed me and stuck to his training really well despite some of the HOT days of summer. He did have a few injuries, but pushed through. Read on to check out his marathon recap!
Kyle’s parents, my sister Mindi, Adelyn, and I all were there on race day to support and cheer Kyle on! We even had special shirts made (the day before I might add…I get those wild hairs, just wish they would show up sooner!) The 26.2 on the front was in the shape of the Superman symbol (he loves anything superman!)…IMG_6094
And the back read: “Team BANGert Faster than a speeding bullet” It was surprise to Kyle that we got shirts for race day! He loved it!
We spent the night downtown the night before so Kyle could get lined up at a decent time. Check out the incredible amount of people! Wow! We said our good bye’s, hi-fived, & he was was on his way!
Around mile 3 was the first time we saw him and he was looking great! And running FAST! This was where the 1/2 & full split. 4 years ago Kyle & I were on the other side of race. I’m so proud that he stuck with his goal to run the full marathon!
Mindi was our driver and I was the navigator. I wanted to try to see Kyle as many times as possible. I know when my family was there to cheer us on at our 1st 1/2 marathon it was a HUGE motivator and I wanted to be able to do that for Kyle too. This was at mile night…at the top of a good size hill! Check out our signs!!
Patti is in the orange & black. We work with her at the college. She is a ROCK STAR! She ran 2 marathons in 2 weeks! And has ran in the Boston marathon multiple times. Oh and did I mention she is in her 50’s and in amazing shape! Such an inspiration! It was so fun to spot her on the race route.
Adelyn was a great trooper getting in & out of the car multiple times! She was always excited to see Daddy “run fast”!
Thanks for the warning Mindi!
This was mile 9! I was completely amazed at Kyle’s pace and he looked strong!
After we saw Kyle at mile 9 we piled in the car (for the 4th time!) and drove a little further down the route to Drake stadium where runners ran around the famous “blue mile” and were announced as they came into the stadium! SO COOL!!
This is when I got nervous. {didn’t find this out till post race} But Kyle wasn’t feeling as well around 15 and slowed down a lot. We were waiting and waiting and I just had this awful feeling in my stomach. Where was he? Did we miss him? What happened?
But finally we saw him at mile 20 and I could see the pain in his face. He ended up injuring his knee and in his words: everything hurt! I know it was so devastating for him after all the time, training, and effort he put into it.
Check this out: He ran a 9 minute pace the first 10k and slowed to a almost 15 minute mile for the last 10k. He had to walk the majority of the last 4 miles and said that was even incredibly painful.
But he was determined to finish! We saw him again at mile 22…cheered as loud as we could, gave him hi-fives, and kisses and said “see ya at the finish”. At this point I was praying like crazy! Praying for healing, for his mental state of mind, and that he would get the strength to finish strong.
HE DID IT! It wasn’t the picture he had in his head for his 1st marathon, but he did it, nonetheless and I couldn’t be more proud! I know it took so much for him to finish despite all the pain he was in. So proud of you babe!!
This was the sign Adelyn held! I forgot to get a picture of her with it at the race, but I thought it was pretty funny! Her face even matches the sign, she’s not amused!
Now keep in mind, this recap is from my perspective! I’m trying to convince Kyle to sit down & write his perspective. Oh and I’m thinking this wont’ be his last marathon. He’s determined to do it again (injury free)!

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  1. Wow, So SO proud of him! What an inspiration he is....and what a great wife you are...he has the best support system ever! I would love to hear his perspective too, he should do a "guest post" ;)


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