Saturday, January 18, 2014

Big Girl Bed

December 23rd we bit the bullet and took the side off of Adelyn’s crib. She was pretty excited about her big girl bed. We piled pillows on the floor so if she did fall out, she’d have a soft landing. She went down really well and never got out of her bed…IMG_2764
…until about 10pm, I heard THUD! She fell out. And that happened 3 more times. And she wasn’t feeling well, she had a low grade fever & was just very sad. Who can blame her when we had just rocked her world and there was nothing to catch her when she rolled to the side of the bed?!?
We had a bed rail type thing, but that was in our other vehicle that was currently in the shop, so Daddy had to get creative. He grabbed the bottom of the pack & play and shoved it between the rail on her bed and created our own bed rail. It worked the couple nights we needed it, but then Kyle put the actual rail on her bed.
Over the past few weeks she has done SO well. In the mornings she doesn’t get out of bed till she hears us up or Avery crying. And even at that, she usually hollers for us and doesn’t get out of bed on her own. One more step towards our sweet girl growing up! {insert mommy tears here!}

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