Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Eve at M&P’s

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve at Mindi & Preston’s with my sisters, parents, & grandparents. Mindi & Preston moved to a new house over the summer and they have the perfect place to host lots of people!
I printed a few Christmas coloring pages and brought those for the kids to do before supper!IMG_6433
Avery sure was checking out Grandpa Steve!
We had a nice spread of appetizers before our Christmas dinner!
Mindi had her house decorated so festive & pretty!
For supper we had all the traditional items, ham balls, cheesy potatoes, scalloped corn, strawberry pretzel salad, and dinner rolls! Delish!
After supper we head to the family room for some gifts, but not before we snapped a pic of the girls in their matching dressed from Auntie M!
The kids had SO MUCH FUN opening gifts this year! I think we could have wrapped empty boxes and they would have loved it! They had a blast! Adelyn & Lily helped pass out the gifts. Lily was very particular about picking up every single piece of wrapping paper too!
What do I do with this? It's a what? A what? Ohhhhh, it's a casserole carrier! Ha!
We had a few Merry Birthday’s that night too. Preston birthday is Dec 26th, Stef’s is Dec 15th, and Geoff’s is Jan 4th, so we did gifts while we were all together! And no Stef did not turn 30, Auntie M recycled a gift bag! Made for a good laugh!
They love their Auntie!!
Avery hung out with Grandma Cindy for gift opening! Love his sweet smile! And look at that sweet lil plane lovin’ his cousin! Hayden wore that costume all night! Silly boy!
Lily was pretty excited about her new giraffe bedding for her big girl room!
Do you believe there are 14 months between these two? Avery looks about the size of Lily here!
Howdy partner!
So in past years I’ve enjoyed getting the kiddos matching PJs, well last year after Christmas I couldn’t resist these for us sisters! And they had enough of the right sizes for us…oh and they were on clearance for $6!!
Can ya tell we’re sisters?!?!
And then Mindi convinced Preston to put Stef’s on and pose for some fun pics! ha!
And then the kiddos wanted in on the action!
We had a wonderful time with those we love most! I sure do cherish the Christmas season and am so thankful to God for sending his Son!

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  1. Avery in the cowboy hat is so adorable! And Adelyn has the best smile!!!


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