Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas at Jim & Sharon’s

Saturday December 21st we celebrated Christmas at Kyle’s parents house. His sister Mel & her husband Steve couldn’t be home the week of Christmas, so we celebrated early. It worked out perfect because we could spend more quality time with family and didn’t have to try to fit in 2-3 family gatherings in one day.
We started out the day with a delicious brunch and the photo booth fun!
Adelyn & Aunt Laura had some fun play time…IMG_6366
…while Avery got in a nap with Grandma Sharon.
Love Avery’s big smile with Aunt Mel in this one!
After a couple of good naps we started the gift opening!
Avery would rip one piece of wrapping and then just play with it so he got lots of help from Mommy & big sissy! We didn’t mind!
Adelyn was very meticulous with her gifts and ripped the paper off in tiny pieces!
Daddy was very excited about his new Under Armour gloves. Grandpa & Grandma spoiled Adelyn with lots of fun princess dress up items! She loves to play dress up!
Laura made Steve an awesome bowling pin with both of his fav teams!
Mel got a can…of $$ and a gift card! We had a little fun giving money this year!
Jim got a $10 roll of dimes…taped with packing tape!
Adelyn loved spending the afternoon playing with all her new dress up accessories and dresses!
Adelyn did a little shopping in Grandma’s kitchen!
We had a great day celebrating this wonderful season with family!

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