Sunday, January 19, 2014

Avery: 10 months

Dear Avery,
January 7th you turned ten months old! Can we really only be 2 months away from having a 1 year old? Just doesn’t seem possible! IMG_6638-001
We celebrated your first Christmas this past month. You enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper, but would then get distracted by something else going on!
You had a 5th tooth pop through on the top this month. Its just to the left of your top 2. I think you are working very hard on some more teeth because you have been very uncomfortable lately and lots of night time wake ups. Teething bites! {love the look on your face here, what is sissy doing on my photo shoot???}
You still love to be held or at least be in the same room as Mommy or Daddy. If we’re in the kitchen and have to run to the bathroom or something you have a complete meltdown. I think its even worse these days with your teething, poor boy! Some of the time the highchair & snacks will work to keep you content, but not always!
You are still a very good eater! We have tried even more finger foods this month like chicken, pasta, mac n cheese, clementines, pizza {mainly the crust}, and lots more! So far we haven’t found a food you don’t like! Some times we even had a hard time keeping up you eat so much, so fast! Mommy is pretty sure you twice the amount of your sister {or more}!
We dropped a feeding over Christmas break. Now you are at 4 feedings per day. I nurse you in the morning & at night. During the week you get one 6oz bottle of breast milk at daycare, but at home on the weekends you nurse for all 3 feedings. Speaking of daycare you aren’t a great napper at daycare. You may get 2 naps about 40 minutes tops. On the weekends at home its hit or miss, sometimes you’ll nap 20 minutes, other times its 1 1/2 hours! You usually take a morning nap around 10am-ish, afternoon around 1pm-ish, and one more cat nap around 4pm-ish.
Bedtime is still the same bath {if its bath night}, nurse, {Mommy gives you a small bottle too, just to make sure you are full!}, snuggle, white noise machine, and then bedtime. You sleep about 6:45/7pm-ish till 6am-ish. Mommy loves her quiet times with you snuggled in the glider in your room! Like Mommy said earlier, you’ve been waking up quite often over the past few weeks. Mommy thinks we’re both ready for these teeth to come in!
You started regular crawling this month. We were at a friends house and you were playing by sissy & her friend and there was something you wanted and all of the sudden you just started going on your hands & knees! From that point on you’ve been crawling like its your job! You are pulling yourself up and walking around furniture and anything you can lean on! You saw “da da” like crazy. When Mommy say “mama” to you, you just “da da” even more!IMG_6648
You still aren’t a fan of your car seat or changing table! Snacks help in the car and sissy loves to feed you her cereal and you don’t seem to mind! Since we have been changing you on the floor you’ve started crawling away and its become a game. We’ll say “Avery you get back here” and you will crawl away that much faster and just giggle, its so cute {when we aren’t in a hurry to get you changed or dressed}!
You weigh 19.4lbs {on the home scale}. You wear size 4 diapers and are wearing a few nine month clothes and are well into your 6-12 month wardrobe!IMG_6633-001
weight 19.4lbs
length didn’t measure
eating 100% breastfeeding & finger foods
clothes 9 month & 6-12 month
diapers size 4
Look how you’ve changed over the past 10 months!
And just for fun, here’s a comparison of Adelyn at 10 months & Avery at 10 months!
ten months2IMG_6638-001

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  1. I can't believe he's almost 1!! I just love his hair!


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