Sunday, January 19, 2014

Avery: 9 months

Dear Avery,
December 7th you turned nine months old! 3/4 of a year already! Grow down sweet boy!IMG_6595-001
Your sweet smile can melt anyone’s heart…but…boy oh boy, Avery boy! You sure have a little opinion/temper and when your expectations aren’t met, you make sure to let us know! For example, in the evenings when we get home from work/daycare you want nothing but to be held. I’m sorry sweet boy, but supper will not cook itself! We started putting you in your highchair with a few snacks to keep you content!
Speaking of the highchair, you are the best eater! We have moved into a lot more finger foods this month. We have almost eliminated the pureed baby food completely. You LOVE fruit and will gobble it up faster than anything else on your tray! You are at 4 feedings per day. I nurse you in the morning & at night. During the week you get two 6oz bottles of breast milk at daycare, but at home on the weekends you nurse for all 4 feedings.
We have kept the same bedtime routine the same: bath, nurse, {Mommy gives you a small bottle too, just to make sure you are full!}, snuggle, white noise machine, and then bedtime. You sleep about 6:45/7pm-ish till 6am-ish. Mommy loves her quiet times with you snuggled in the glider in your room! You have been having sporadic nights the past few weeks that you’ve been waking up for a feeding in the night, but usually go right back down. I think those teeth are bugging you.
You love to clap! When we say “Yay Avery” you get all excited & clap along with us! We were more than overdue to lower your crib this month, so Daddy finally got that done so you don’t flip out of it! You still aren’t regular crawling yet, but are SO SO close! You are a fast little army crawler though. If there is something you want you don’t waste any time getting there! You are pulling yourself up on anything you can! Mommy is guessing that you will be walking before 1!
You are not a fan of your changing table or car seat these days. We’ve been changing you on the floor more often and you seem to be more content with that scenery. And sissy will usually share her cereal with you in the car &, for the most part, that will keep you entertained. We used to do mum mum’s, but I think you’re almost passed that phase.
You babble like crazy. You mainly say “da da” or “ta”, no “mama” yet, no matter how many times Mommy repeats it to you! You currently have 4 teeth and Mommy is pretty confident we’ll see some more soon!
At your nine month appointment you weighed 20lbs on the dot and were 28 3/8” inches long. Thankfully you only had to get 1 shot at that appointment, you still didn’t like it though! We just switched you to size 4 diapers, only because we were out of size 3’s and needed some ASAP! They’re a little big, but work just fine! You are wearing a few nine month clothes and are well into your 6-12 month wardrobe!
weight 20lbs
length 28 3/8”
eating 100% breastfeeding & finger foods
clothes 9 month & 6-12 month
diapers size 4
Look at how you’ve changed your 9 month life!
Adelyn at 9 months & Avery at 9 months!

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