Saturday, January 2, 2010


This is what I spent my Saturday afternoon doing, organizing my craft room! Like I said yesterday it looked like a tornado had went through and you can tell from the before pictures that I wasn’t kidding!
I also moved our printer to my craft room. I think it makes most sense to have it there because the majority of the printing we do is for “crafty” purposes. Eventually we won’t use one of the bedrooms as an office (one will be a nursery and one will have to be the guest room!) so I’ve been trying to ponder on how to incorporate the office into another part of the house. I think I still have some organizing to do, but should be able to make it work. And don’t get any ideas for the mention of “nursery”…there aren’t any buns in this oven! ;) Just trying to plan for whenever that day does come!
Once I got the craft room all organized I had a splendid idea while I was trying to shove all my wrapping paper & bows into a tote that would never come close to fitting it all….instead of storing all of our gift wrap supplies in a 2 totes why don’t I create a “gift wrap station”. And that is just what I did! So if you are looking at the oak table w/2 lamps on it and turn 180 degrees you will be right at the gift wrap station!DSC05631
Now I know the furnace and water heater make a great background to the area…but this is what I have to work with! {we would eventually like to put up a wall around those 2 things, but it really isn’t priority right now}
I am super pumped about this little $0 “make over”! Yep you read that right, I spent zero, zip, zilch, nada on the project! I used a spare metal waste basket to store all the wrapping paper {left}, found a cloth basket to keep the gift bags in {middle}, and used an old bookshelf we were thinking about selling to hold bows & a basket of gift boxes {right}. The table {came w/4 chairs} was a Christmas gift from Mom & Dad B.
DSC05633 DSC05630 DSC05628
Side-note: Notice we have our router and other internet box thingy {i’m not too techy!} on the bottom shelf. Since we were transferring the office to the basement, this place worked perfect for those two little guys because it was right by the internet cable. Perfect!
Too bad I didn’t get this whipped up before Christmas so it could get some good use! I know it’ll $ave us since now we can see everything we have instead of re-buying stuff that we can never seem to find.DSC05632
And I finished my day by moving everything that was “office-y” {is that a word?!?!} to the basement and organized in this perfect little cubby, behind the bar, that I think was made just for our stuff! It’s hard to believe that almost all the things from our office can fit there. I did go through and re-organize everything and throw out a few things and moved other things to more “sensible” places. This was completely unused space before {maybe a picture frame or two}. Overall I am quite happy with the result. DSC05636

Whew, what a day!! Feels good to be productive! Kyle had to go to work so I am going to finish up a few things in the office and hit the hay! One more day of my “Christmas” break and I don’t want to be too tired to enjoy it!
G’nite all!

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