Monday, January 4, 2010

Change & Disarray

Happy Monday everyone! Kyle and I were SUPER busy on Sunday. We are getting new carpet installed on Wednesday this week and with the Iowa game on Tuesday we figure we need to get as much done to prepare for it before hand as we can!
We cleared out the “room formerly known as the office” (we don’t know what we call it now) & the guest room. And we also took everything out of our bedroom except our mattress (yep we’re sleeping on just the mattress on the floor…like one of those low, modern beds!) and the TV. Where did all that stuff go you ask? Our living room! It’s jam packed! I’m so glad it’s only temporary…I couldn’t handle all that stuff around me while I’m trying to relax on the couch!
Since the rooms were cleared and it didn’t matter what we got on the carpet, we decided this would be the perfect time to paint! The “room formerly known as the office” has never been painted since we moved in. We picked out a darker tan for that room. We also wanted to put a fresh coat (same color of blue) in our bedroom. So after we got all three rooms cleared out we taped the trim and got to painting! It went really smooth and fairly quick. Kyle “cut in” and I did the big jobs with the roller.
So here is the result after we finished our paint job in the “room formerly known as the office” .  (Ignore the “work bench”,aka our desk, in the middle!) What do you think? I’m anxious to see what it looks like with our new carpet because I’m sure it will have a much different look then!
BEFORE                                                                            DSC05638 AFTERDSC05643
Well I’ve put in about 11 hours of work today (8 @ the office and 3 @ home). It was my first day back after my 12 day break. I’m ready to hit the hay! I’m going to wake my sleeping hubby from the couch (he was watching the Fiesta Bowl…btw, tomorrow’s the Iowa game!!!) and go to bed.
Good-nite all!

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