Saturday, January 9, 2010

First week of 2010

It’s been definitely a different week.

  • Monday was my first day back to work after being off for Christmas break.
  • I worked part of the day Tuesday and I came home not feeling well, but still cheered on the Hawks.
  • Wednesday I was home sick and we had carpet installed.
  • Thursday and Friday (and I was feeling much better) we closed our offices due to the blizzard that set in across central Iowa.

Kyle had the day off on Thursday too so we slept in together, cleaned the house, watched a movie(don’t watch World’s Greatest Dad w/Robin Williams…it’s horrible!), napped together, and then while Kyle was watching the National Championship I got to work in my clean craft room!

I made a birthday card for Diego, he is the son of our friend’s Melanie & Robbeye. His 3rd birthday party is today (Saturday)!DSC05680 And I also made a baby shower card for one of my high school friends, she is due February 12th and her shower is next weekend.DSC05681


Friday Kyle had to go back to work. :( But I got up when he did and made chocolate chip waffles and sent him on his way and then I headed right back down to my craft room and whipped up a few more cards. Kyle surprised me and got off a few hours early so we ran a few errands around town and decided on our plans for the night. We figured out that we could have a free date night! Can’t beat that, huh?!?!?

We had supper at Applebees using a gift card we got from some friends a while back!

And then we rented a movie at Redbox using a promo code I got in my email!

We ended up not watching our Redbox because my sister Mindi called and wanted us to come down and watch a movie with them! So we decided to wait on our free movie and headed down to their place. It was fun to chat with them, it had definitely been a while.

Signing off for now, headed to a birthday party! Have a good rest of your weekend everyone!

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