Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrating Easter: round 2

The week after Easter we celebrated with my family at my parents house. Stef, Lily, Wendi, Matt {wendi’s bf!}, and Hayden came from Omaha for the weekend. Pam, Jeff, Maya, & Ciana came over from Cedar Falls as well. We spent all day Saturday at Mom’s house and Sunday we went to church to hear about Mindi & Preston’s mission trip to Guatemala. It was a great weekend with family!
Adelyn & Lily were pretty excited to see each other! Sweet girls!IMG_4756
My Mom did an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the back yard. Adelyn was an “old pro” by now and really enjoyed it!
Lily was content with just one egg!
And Hayden had a basket full! Of course Maya didn’t have any problem finding eggs! Grandma Cindy hid some extra hard for her since she was so much older than the majority of the grandkids.
Getting a picture of these 5 busy kiddos is no easy feat…
…guess we just have to settle with what ya get! {avery was inside napping!}
After the Easter egg hunt the kids had fun playing in the yard and on the swing set. I think Adelyn went down the slide 37 times…and check out that landing!
Hayden had to get in on the fun too!
Lily is still working on her landing!
And sweet Ciana enjoyed the swing! She turned 1 just a few days after that weekend.
Mom and Duane made us a wonderful lunch! We had all the traditional food! {didn’t get any food pictures…it was good though!}
Since Ciana’s birthday was so close we celebrated a little early. Aunt Stef made carrot cake cupcakes, yum! Cute sisters!
Ciana wasn’t sure what to do with that cupcake…but eventually ate her share of it! {I don’t have an after picture for some reason}
Adelyn enjoyed her cupcake too! I’m not sure where she got the idea to eat it without her hands! Silly girl!
And Hayden had no hesitation with his cupcake…his famous words: ‘I need cake’!
After our delicious dinner & dessert we chilled out…Auntie M got some snuggles with Lily!
And Aunt Wendi got in some baby time with Avery!
I caught these 2 cousins having a sweet moment, Maya was reading to Adelyn!
can ya tell Adelyn loves to be read to? Later on she got Aunt Stef to read to her too!
After all the babes were up from their naps we got in some more outside time since it was pretty nice out! Adelyn was carrying this chair around and left it in the middle of the yard, Lily felt the need to go sit in it and started just ‘a tapping her feet!
Oh and these are the 2 love birds…Matt & Wendi! Such a cute couple!
Sure wish I would have gotten a sister picture and a picture of all the grandkids…with 2 kiddos now I feel like there is less time for picture taking!

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