Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Storms

We’ve had quite the wet month of May here in Iowa. In fact there is a lot of flooding in the state right now. And what else comes with rain? Thunderstorms & tornados. Thankfully we haven’t had any bad storms. But one Sunday night we did have a tornado warning.
In our county if a tornado is spotted anywhere in the county the tornado sirens go off, county wide. When the tornado sirens went off, we looked outside, saw it was sunny, and went out to the front yard to scope out the situation. Parents of the year right here…tornado sirens go off and we take our kiddos out in the yard! The storm was to the west of us and we weren’t in danger, but it just made me laugh!
Oh and pants aren’t required during tornado warnings evidently! I tired to get her to put some on before we went outside to look at the sky, but she wasn’t having it. Choose your battles!
Later on that evening this is how we found Adelyn sleeping, feet crossed and her favorite book on her chest! Sweet girl!
By the way, if any of you have a little girl who is going to become a big sister to a baby brother I HIGHLY recommend the book “Penny Loves Pink”. Adelyn LOVES this book. But when we read it to her we replace Penny with Adelyn and include Avery’s name too. It’s her current favorite!

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  1. Ugh I hate tornado weather. It always scares me because our inside closet is not very big and it is so annyoing to have to get in it if our sirens go off.


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