Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother’s Day Weekend

Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend we spent the evening with Kyle’s family. Sharon opened her cards & gift here at our house and then we went out for supper. {Check out Avery’s face!}
Sunday morning Kyle woke me for a delicious breakfast! We love peanut butter on our pancakes and once in a great while we will make chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter on them. So Kyle thought, why not peanut butter cup pancakes!! They were DELICIOUS!! He even made an “M” for Mom!! Such a good guy!
Adelyn was excited for pancakes…she LOVES pancakes!
After breakfast we went to church and then headed down to my Mom’s house for lunch with my family. My Mom had just gotten a trampoline at a garage sale {her neighbors} for $30! I think the grandkids {and maybe the big kids too!} will have lots of fun on this in the years to come!
Hayden had to show me his ups after seeing how high Uncle Kyle could jump!
Monkey see, monkey do…Hayden got his picture on the trampoline, so Adelyn had to have her picture on the trampoline too! Silly kiddos!
Its so fun to see the cousins play together! Love that they are going to have each other to grow up with…
…even in moments like this…when Hayden pushes Adelyn down the slide and Adelyn has a melt down! {she wasn’t hurt, just didn’t want Hayden’s help}
Mindi, Wendi, and I all worked together and made lunch for Mom. We grilled out, Mindi made an awesome pineapple pretzel salad, I made cheesy potatoes, and Wendi made a cheesecake desert. Delicious!
The kids had to help Grandma open her gift! And Grandma loved it!
If you know my Mom, you know this is her happy cry face!
I’m going to do another post on how we made our Mother’s Day gifts for the Grandma’s.
Love these amazing women {and the kiddos too} SO much! We are just missing 2 little ladies in this picture, Stef & Lily.
It was an overall very nice Mother’s Day, my first one as a mother of 2! Crazy! And this is how I ended my night, a toddler who wanted her Mama and a fussy baby. This is real life my friends and I love it!
So blessed to be Adelyn & Avery’s Mommy!

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  1. A $30 trampoline. That is awesome!! Happy late Mother's Day!!


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